China Medical University

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Office of Global Affairs

Tel: +886-4-22053366 ext.1176

Office Hours: 8:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00, Monday to Friday



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For Ph. D. international new students

  • Tuition waiver for 2 years
  • Monthly stipends of NT$ 20,000 for 1 year

For master international new students

  • Tuition waiver for 1 years
  • Best qualified students only: Monthly stipends of NT$ 20,000 for 1 year

For Full-time international students who have completed 1 semester of study at CMU.

  • A Termly Stipend of NT$10,000~50,000.

The Regulation:

For more information please contact the International Student Center:

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The following chart is based on the previous year and is for reference only. The international student insurance fee is not included.



Tuition /per semester(NTD)

Graduate Program

Chinese Medical Science, Acupuncture, Integrated Medicine






Undergraduate Program

Medicine, Chinese Medicine Division (A)


Chinese Medicine Division (B), Post-Baccalaureate Chinese Medicine






Accommodation Fees:

CMU dormitory places are available to undergraduate students only (School of Post-Baccalaureate Chinese Medicine is not included). New international undergraduate students have first priority for on-campus accommodation. For Beigang dormitory, the room is shared with 4 people and the rent is about NTD. 8,300 per person per semester. For Shui-nan campus, the room is shared with 2~4 people and the rent is about NTD. 22,500~25,500 per person per semester. The regulations and fee rates for CMU dormitory is subject to the announcement of Office of Student Affairs.

Living Expenses:

The average living expenses range from NTD 6,000 to NTD 10,000 per month. This figure may vary individually. Costs of textbooks are at one’s own expenses and can vary from program to program.

[/body] [/section] [section] [title]系所介紹 Academics Học viện[/title] [body]

B: Bachelor/ M: Master/ D: Doctoral

College of Medicine

  • Medicine (B)
  • Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences (M/D)
  • Biomedical Sciences- International Program (M)
  • Medical Laboratory Science & Biotechnology (B/M)
  • Biomedical Imaging & Radiological Science (B/M)
  • New Drug Development (M/D)

College of Dentistry

  • Dentistry (B/M/D)
  • Dental and Oral Health Industries (M)

College of Chinese Medicine

  • Chinese Medicine (B/M/D)
  • Post-Baccalaureate Chinese Medicine (B)
  • Integrated Medicine (M/D)
  • Acupuncture Science (M/D)
  • Acupuncture Science-International Program (M)
  • Chinese Pharmaceutical Sciences and Chinese Medicine Resources (B/M/D)

College of Pharmacy

  • Pharmacy (B/M/D)
  • Cosmeceutics (B/M)

College of Health Care

  • Nursing (B/M)
  • Physical Therapy (B)
  • Rehabilitation Science (M)
  • Sports Medicine (B)
  • Nutrition (B/M/D)

College of Public Health

  • Interdisciplinary Freshmen Program of Public Health (B)
  • Public Health (M/D)
  • Public Health- International Program (M)
  • Occupational Safety & Health (M)
  • Health Services Administration (M)

College of Life Sciences

  • Biological Science & Technology (B/M/D)

College of Humanities and Sciences

  • Technology Management (M)
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China Medical University (CMU) was established as China Medical College on June 6, 1958 and transformed itself into China Medical University in 2003. It is the first academic institution in Taiwan where Chinese medicine and pharmacy programs are provided. The university has steadily grown to its present position as one of the foremost medical universities in Taiwan. The university has three major campuses, Taichung (including Wuquan and Ankang), Beigang and Shui-Nan(New campus).

Located in the center of Taichung City, CMU includes 9 colleges where western medicine, Chinese medicine, dentistry, pharmacy (including Chinese herbs), health care (including nursing), life sciences, management, public health, and biomedical engineering educational, research and practice programs are provided. Interdisciplinary courses are also available as the basis for students to integrate their learning experiences. With CMU’s top ranked laboratories, a library and reference center, two comprehensive teaching hospitals, and a strong staff commitment to students, our university provides a total approach to medical education in a caring, nurturing and well-equipped environment.

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