National Chung Hsing University

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學校全名:National Chung Hsing University

單位:Office of International Affairs

地址:145 Xingda Rd., South Dist., Taichung City 402, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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  • NCHU International Student Scholarship

      Target Group

      International degree-seeking student at NCHU


      1. Degree-seeking student from foreign countries

      2. Bachelor: cumulative grade points of current students must exceed 70

      3. Master: cumulative grade points of current students must exceed 80

      Application Time

      February to March

      Duration of Award

      Each recipient is awarded for 1 year. No maximum duration, all recipients need to renew the scholarship annually.

      Amount of Scholarship

      Amount varies by the available funding and grants (tuition waiver with or without a monthly stipend of NTD10,000, NTD8,000 or NTD6,000)



  • Elite Scholarship

      Target Group

      Graduate students from 18 southeast countries


      1. Current university lecturers from the countries of 18 Southeast countries.

      2. Graduate degree-seeking students

      Application Time

      February to March

      Duration of Award

      Each recipient is awarded for maximum 3 years with annual evaluation.

      Amount of Scholarship

      NTD300,000 per year

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Tuition & Miscellaneous and credit fees USD 1,739 / 6 months (Covered by the NCHU Scholarship if awarded full tuition waiver)

*On-campus accommodation USD 400-500 / 6 months

*Off-campus housing USD 1,500-1800 / 6 months

Computer Lab/ Email Account Fee USD 15 / 6 months

National Health Insurance USD 150 / 6 months

Student Safety Insurance USD 6 / 6 months

Textbooks/ Stationery USD 160 / 6 months

Living Expenses USD 1,500 / 6 months

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College of Liberal Arts

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

College of Science

College of Engineering

College of Life Sciences

College of Veterinary Medicine

College of Management

College of Law and Politics

College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Degree programs under multi Colleges

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Entering its centennial year, NCHU is the oldest and the third biggest comprehensive research-based national university in Taiwan. Consisting of nine colleges with complete departments, NCHU cultivates its students' basic skills and core competencies such as professional knowledge and skills, reflection and innovation, teamwork, local concern, and global thinking.

Using top research centers as the platform, NCHU integrates external and internal research resources to plan the cultivation of talented individuals in cross-disciplinary fields, promote international exchanges, enhance global reputation, promote university-industry collaboration, and establish a cooperative relationship between global top universities by forming a multinational research team, driving the entire school's overall improvement.

7 reasons you should choose our school

  • Bountiful teaching and research resources and up-to-date facilities that drive overall development
  • Developing a unique top research university based on agricultural technologies
  • Balanced developments in technology and humanities
  • The first university to pass the personal information protection certification and build an E-campus affairs system
  • Leading the country's emerging industries with industry-government-university cooperation
  • Providing students with the Innovation Center, establishing Meng Ya Venture Capital Co., Ltd, and becoming a model school for all of Taiwan
  • Actively implement the university's social responsibility and practice

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