National Kaohsiung Normal University

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學校全名:National Kaohsiung Normal University

單位:Office of International Affairs

地址:116, Heping 1st Rd. Lingya District, Kaohsiung City 80201 Taiwan (Republic of China)

電話:+886-7-7172930 ext. 3955-57



【Office of International Affairs】:

1. National Kaohsiung Normal University-Bulletin of International Student Admissions 2020-2021 Academic Year (Fall & Spring Semesters)

2. Online Application

3. National Kaohsiung Normal University-Admission Fact sheet for Foreign Students

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校設於民國 43 年。民國 56 年,配合實施九年國民教育政策,培養中等學校健全的師資,設立「省立高雄師範學院」。

National Kaohsiung Normal University (NKNU) was formerly called Kaohsiung Women’s College of Education, founded in 1954. In 1967, in coping with the Nation’s nine-year compulsory education policy to train secondary high school teachers, Taiwan Provincial Kaohsiung Teachers College was established.

從女子師範學校、師範學院到師範大學的全公費,以迄民國 88 年的半公費、91 年起全自費時期,期間最重要的轉折點為民國 83 年師培教育法通過後,全面開放師培市場自由化。本校自彼時,即依臺灣教育主管機關政策開始進行師資生減量,並將員額轉為非師資科系。歷經 20 餘年的雙軌發展,本校已轉型為培育最優質師資與社會多元人才的雙核心精緻大學。

So far, NKNU has twenty-one departments, twenty-nine MA programs, and eleven PhD programs. In addition, NKNU provides Bachelor Program of Arts for Aboriginals, International Engineering Graduate Program, MA Program of Creative Cultural Design, MA Program of Southeast Asian Studies, MA Program of Performing Arts, and Ph.D. Program of Gender Studies. In recent years, NKNU has modified from the teacher-training based educational university into the whole-person developed, high-quality trained, and well-delicated multidimensional university.

本校目前聘有專任教師 292 人、兼任教師 322 人,專任教師中,96擁有博士學位,教學與研究陣容堅強,是高屏地區歷史最悠久、聲譽最卓著的知名大學。

NKNU so far has over 800 working staff members. Moreover, NKNU has an outstanding teaching staff, among the professors at school, 96% of them have a Ph.D. degree. Thus, NKNU is, indeed, the most renowned and prestigious university in southern Taiwan.

在各學院教學研究資源基礎之上,規劃符合產業界需求之專業化學習課程, 成為產業界的最佳夥伴。一方面發展多元化的生涯進路,成為各領域之專業人士加強國際競爭力之最佳學習管道;另一方面結合產業、學術、研究、教學網絡資源,聚焦四大核心產業:高齡服務與社區健康諮詢、光電綠能與人工智慧、美學與數位文創,及新農業與生化科技,培育全方位未來產業界人才,循序漸進地轉型為師培與非師培並重的雙核心精緻大學。

In order to strengthen both teacher education and non-teacher education, NKNU aims to develop interdisciplinary research and teaching among departments, graduate institutions, and colleges. Furthermore, in order to fulfill the vision of international interaction and cooperation, NKNU is eager to utilize network resources of industry, academy, research, and teaching to provide build up the five colleges with multiple, modern trends. NKNU has implemented the programs of Cultural and Educational Business Management, Elderly Services Business, Electrical and Optoelectronics Technology, Software Engineering and Management, Elite Multilingual Teaching, Green Energy and Biotechnology, Aesthetics of Community Health, Counseling and Recovery, Digital Creative Design, etc. to cultivate students in an all-round way to work for the industrial circles. Right now, NKNU has successfully transformed into a double-cored, exquisite university with both teacher education and non-teacher education.

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